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Midwest Fireworks Wholesalers is proud to carry some of the best 1.3G fireworks available. Featuring well respected brands such as Lidu, Dominator, Crown Pyro, and Yung Feng, our competitive pricing will help make your next fireworks display better than ever!

Note: The days before Independence Day get very busy for us! Please submit your order as early as possible to make sure we have time to get everything perfect for you.

Looking for our latest catalog? Contact us and select "Request Catalog" and you will receive a response back with catalog attached. Add our email addresses to your safe list, or check your junk mail folder if you don't see the catalog shortly after submitting your request.

Purchasing fireworks has requirements that must be met.

ATF permit

If you are a municipality (Town, City, Fire Departments, etc)

An ATF permit is not required for government entities. All correspondence should be on official letterhead. Payment must be from the municipality directly. A licensed shooter and a display permit are still required in Nebraska.

If you are an individual, company non-profit, etc.

We must have a copy of your ATF permit signed in ink. If you don’t have an ATF permit yet, Midwest Fireworks Wholesalers recommends that you complete the ATF 5400.13 application (see URL below) and select ‘User of explosives’ for question 12. Your initial application cost for the permit is $100, which is good for 3 years. Renewal for an additional 3 years is currently $50. You will find this form at:

We can help you complete this form and help you meet the storage requirements using our storage facilities. It can take 45 to 90 days for processing, so you should get your application sent in as soon as possible.


Statement of Intended Use

You will be asked to complete this form when you pick up your order. Simply state that you are purchasing fireworks for the purpose of conducting a public fireworks display.


Licensed Display Operator and Display permit


In Nebraska, you must have an approved "Public Fireworks Display Permit" from the State Fire Marshall’s office. The application can be submitted over the Internet, but you must do so at least 10 business days before the display. Once you receive the approved permit by mail, have your local fire chief sign it. To complete the online form:

To register to become a Nebraska licensed display operator:

For Iowa and other states, please contact us for details.


Other important details

Picking up your order

We require 48 hours notice before you arrive to pick up your order.

If you don’t have your own approved storage, then the ATF has very strict regulations on when we can release fireworks to you. You cannot pick up your order until the day of the display (as indicated on the display permit). If this creates a problem for you because you need additional time for setup of a large display, please contact us and we will advise you on how to proceed.


Delivery is available! Please contact us for details.


Become a Pyrotechnician!

Are you looking to become a licensed pyrotechnician? If so, we want to help you! Midwest Fireworks will provide you with free training, and help you to gain the experience you need to shoot your own display fireworks shows safely and legally! It can be hard work at times, but the end result is so worth it if you truly love fireworks. You know what to do - call or email us and get ready to have some fun.

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